Woman of the





1ST – 4th september


What is to be a woman of the land? It is not a title that we earn, it is who we are at our core…

To be a woman of the land is to let go of ‘doing’ and surrender into ‘being’, to honour Her curves and bends, taste of Her seasonal delights, rest in Her meadows and celebrate Her very existence.

who is this for?

Whether you were born on the island of Éiriú or have come from afar, whether you have laid down your roots here or are passing through, this land welcomes you with open arms, its ancient ones whispering songs of belonging.

This is an invitation to gather with sisters, as women of the land, to RECEIVE the beauty, bounty and wisdom of West Clare, while being safely held in a sanctuary devoted to the Goddess, Danu.

what is the ‘woman of the land’ retreat?

This a sanctuary for you to pause, reflect and receive from the wellspring of wisdom that lies within, to merge with the landscape and hear Her song, bathe in Her waters, sing in Her caves, dance upon Her soil and be held in Her mystery.

With the fullness of life and its unwavering demands, it can feel confronting to stop. Many of us feel challenged to our core to let go of the reigns and embrace spaciousness, to prioritise our own self-care. We can get caught on the belief that ‘I haven’t enough time to take time out’ or ‘There’s too much to do’.

For many of us, our sense of worth is tied up in doingness, in maintaining our role as a ‘good’ mother, partner, daughter, friend, work colleague. But of course, it’s not sustainable to live in a constant state of doing. Rest is essential for the wheels to keep turning. These seemingly opposite energies are interconnected just as night and day, darkness and light, the inhale and exhale.

What if we were to embrace stillness and commune with the land? What if we were to RECLAIM these natural parts of our femininity? What might we hear, if we listen deeply? The stirrings of our soul, the longing of our hearts?

Here, we get to see ourselves, to honour, celebrate and REMEMBER what it is to be a woman of the land, at this time.


Come as you are. Every shade of you is welcome; your joy, fear, pleasure, pain, wisdom, uncertainty, laughter and tears all have a place here. There is nothing you need to do other than be yourself and RECEIVE.

You will be safely and gently guided through embodiment practices, primal sound and movement, voice and heart activation, tribal dance; lots of opportunities to RECLAIM parts of your natural expression.

Your senses will be delighted with feasting upon sumptuous food, singing round the campfire and in the nearby caves, relaxing in the sauna, enjoying time in nature, experiencing sacred water immersions and connection with other like-hearts; a space to REMEMBER what it is to be a woman of the land.

Everything is optional. You choose how much you’d like to participate.


Sionnáin is a guardian of the waters, song carrier, musician and quantum coherence therapist from the West of Éire. 

She walks with her last name, Sionnáin – Shannon which has been a catalyst for a deep journey with the River Shannon & with her matriarchal line.

Since walking upon the hill of Uisneach on Summer Solstice in 2014, her path has been devoted to honouring, celebrating & remembering, with the Tuatha Dé Danann. Through her deepening relationship, communing with the land, waters and language of Gaeilge, she has found her path woven with the awakening of the songlines of Ireland, through the ancient Irish practice of Imbas forosnai.

Sonia is an embodied movement and intuitive guide.

She brings her wisdom of guiding people to express their primal force and unapologetic expression through dance, yoga and embodied movement practices. She has a deep passion for song sharing and intuitive voice sounding. She loves creatively exploring both the inner voice and the art of movement.

Julie is a singer/songwriter, intuitive voice guide.

An advocate for authentic expression and self-discovery, Julie holds space to explore the mystery and healing capacity of our own unique sound. Clearing away blockages that stand in the way of our full expression, her voice journeys serve as a pathway to transformation and self-love.

Savalina is a culinary enthusiast with a passion for creating wholesome, soulful meals. From vibrant salads to comforting bowls, let me show you how to infuse every bite with love and goodness. Together, we’ll nourish our bodies and elevate our well-being. 🍽️💚

when & where is it?

1st – 4th of September

Querrin, Kilkee,
Loop Head Peninsula,
Co. Clare, Ireland
V15 F602

We will gather in a beautiful sanctuary with a labyrinth devoted to Danu, mother goddess of fertility and abundance, nestled amongst a native forest and just a short walk to the waters, where the Shannon meets the Atlantic Ocean. Resting in beautiful luxurious cabins or furnished bell tents, with camping options, too, if you choose. Nourishing our bodies with locally sourced foods of the land, ending our journey with a harvest feast, wood fired sauna and celebration around the fire (timpeal an tine).


Investment  – €660

We accept payment plans and require 20% deposit to secure your space.
Deposit non-refundable.

Accommodation Options
Included in the retreat is triple share accomodation in a cabin on-site. 

Other options are available as per below.  These prices are for the entire retreat.

Upgrade to Private room +€80
Upgrade to Bell Tent +€100
Camping +€30


We need to ask a few details first, please click the button below to answer some questions to make sure we’re the right fit for each-other ❤️