10th – 12th FEBRUARY 2023




Imagine a world where shouting from the rooftops wasn’t just a saying, where bursting into song on a busy main street wasn’t limited to musicals, where sounding the pleasure of your food was part of the tasting ritual and falling in love with your voice was THE number one life hack.

Imagine we carried no shame around our voice, that being silenced was inconceivable, where speaking our truth was a breeze, asking for what we want without fear of rejection was commonplace and saying ‘no’ to meet another’s needs, to instead honour our own, was the name of the game…that, in those intimate moments with another, when the body calls for ‘pause’ our voice fearlessly follows suit, where we open up our mouths and TRUST our capacity to speak from the heart.

This can be life if we ALLOW it. Liberation can be ours if we CLAIM it.


Voice Alchemy is an experience for all of those on the pathway to freedom. It’s rebirth, a gateway to authenticity. In this space, you can transmute your limitations into liberation and alchemise perfectionism into self-mastery. What better way to reset and begin the new year with a fresh outlook and deepened sense of self-empowerment?

This is a safe and accepting space for self-exploration. Through music focused embodiment practices, you will be guided to connect with sound and creativity in new ways. Herein lies an opportunity to cultivate a healthier relationship with your Artist self and to fall deeply in love with your voice.


If you love to sing, be it in the shower, behind the wheel or on the stage but experience constriction or discomfort in the throat, fear around other people’s judgment, self-doubt or lack of confidence, embodied voice practices and sound explorations can support you to grow in these areas.

If you are feeling in any way stifled or blocked in your creative expression, work-life or communication in relationships, this is an opportunity to clear stagnant energy, release emotional blockages and re-write the parts of your story that say you are not enough.

This requires grit and a willingness to meet your edge. This journey asks you to step beyond your comfort zone and embrace the mystery of what lies beyond.

Perhaps, on the other side, is a more grounded and centred you, liberated in your voice, free in your expression, more confident and relaxed, lighter and creatively inspired, transmitting your truth with clarity and power.

Voice Alchemy invites ALL of you…the too loud, too much, too quiet, too sensitive, too scared, too low, too squeaky, too dark, too light parts so that every iota of your expression can be acknowledged, accepted and appreciated. 

You have one life as YOU… and you have the creative power to CHOOSE how you live it.
‘The only way to find your voice is to use it’
‘The voice is the muscle of the soul’~ Alfred Wolfsohn

official event timing

– Guest arrival from 3pm On Friday 10th February
– Guest departure by 2pm after lunch on Sunday.

further DETAILS

– This weekend immersion is fully catered for with delicious, nutritious vegan/vegetarian meals lovingly created by our in-house cuisine maven, Hannah Tui. Special diet requirements are also available by request.

– This weekend immersion is drug and alcohol free.

 Dorm style accommodation is included in the ticket price. Check out the venue for more detailed information on the stunning location and accommodation style for your immersion weekend: http://www.thelogcabincamp.com.au.


If you are feeling the call – we would love you to be a part of this experience and to make this more accessible, we have a payment plan option, so reach out by sending us an email to voice.alchemy.retreats@gmail.com

**Low Income Tickets:
It is important to us to make our events accessible to as many people as we can, so that those experiencing financial hardship also have the opportunity to benefit from our offerings. As such, we have 5 ‘low income’ tickets available. This system is based upon trust. These spaces are for those who are genuinely experiencing financial hardship. Please reach out below if this option is the most suitable for you.