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The Art of Heart is an initiation into the mystery of Love ~ Fear ~ Life ~ Death

Living from the heART is an art requiring self-mastery to remain open in the face of adversity. It is the path of vulnerability, non-attachment, stepping out of shame-filled shadows, expressing authentically and courageously loving all that is.  The Art of Heart is a ten week journey, but it is so much more.

This journey is an opportunity to sing, release, explore, play and sound the stirrings of our soul, to connect with our emotional landscape and voice the parts of ourselves that may have been silenced and buried deep. This is true cathARTic expression.

who is this for?

This is an intimate journey (10 people), a devotional dance with your Artist Self.  It’s a deep dive into your unique expression, requiring courage, grit and a knowing that you are not your limiting beliefs. The Art of Heart requires a commitment to cultivating a new relationship with your voice and creativity. This is your reclamation, a chance to speak your truth, free yourself of perfectionism and comparison and share the medicine that is you.


Together, held within the safety of the creative womb, we will birth music from the deepest, truest part of our Being.

You will be guided through creative processes, embodiment practices, sacred ritual and given tools and resources to access more of your voice, develop your musicality and cultivate your song writing skills.

On the 10th week there will be a performance, an offering of all that we’ve created both as a group and individually. This really is your time to shine, to meet your edge and experience the healing and transformational gifts of the performing arts.

before we start

This is a transformative journey, and it’s important we have a chat to make sure it’s in full alignment for both of us.  I’d love to share more about the adventure ahead and better understand what’s calling you to explore your voice.  Book a discovery session below: