“Before I sang with Jules, I believed I could not sing, and all may life I hid my voice. A couple of singing circles and a one-on-one session later, I discovered I sing perfectly well and have good rhythm. Jules gave me permission to drop an old hangup and free myself. I haven’t stopped singing since, and am so grateful for her gifts.”


“I’m a happy traveling woman. I had a one on one voice session and found that hour very rewarding. I feel that it helped me to find my singing voice, and that my throat wasn’t so closed up and has opened up my speaking voice, as well. I went to Julie’s group singing circle in the park and felt so welcome by other group members and felt so alive and energised. So, if you want to open your singing voice or you want to sing along for the fun of it, go for it boys and girls!”


“I committed to the 8 week voice journey because I thought it would be an opportunity to meet some like minded people. The best part of the journey was when we were drowned in a sea of magical vibrations singing together as one voice.

I learned about myself that I enjoyed being a student and participant rather than an instructor. I guess this is both something I learned about myself and something I found challenging. After the closing ceremony, I was high because I loved the performance having a chance to share what we’d done with others but also a little sad because I feel the ceremony really bonded us as a group and then it was all over. Julie, you are awesome and I love the high spiritedness and mindful approach to sharing song”


“I decided to commit to the 8 week voice journey as I had done some group singing with Julie and really enjoyed it. She is very clever in the ways she gets strangers to join together through beautiful music and to express so many feelings.

While on the journey I loved the group singing. Especially the harmonies. I had done a lot of singing in formal situations a long time ago and found I really enjoyed warm and informal feel of the voice journey.

Sometimes I found it hard to be sure I was singing in tune but somehow that didn’t matter all that much.

I learned that I still love singing, especially in a warm and intimate group setting with Julie. I also felt that through the singing I could just let my usual formal self go a bit. That felt good.

I found the closing ceremony really warm. The group came together so beautifully. After it I felt a close connection to the others and our group.

I would encourage anyone who is wondering if this is something they want to experience to just try it. Julie is totally supporting in her warm Irish way and made everyone feel comfortable, to breath deeply, and to let it out in music. A very special experience I won’t forget”


“I felt very safe singing with the group and not being singled out or feeling any pressure to push myself – the space you hold is very nurturing. The closing ceremony was perfection – I loved the authenticity, making it feel like we were inviting friends and family into our lounge room. I loved the way you incorporated ceremony and ritual into each week – the whole experience felt so sacred and I felt beautifully empowered, nurtured, loved and accepted by myself which was reflected in the connections I felt with those around me. 

Thank you again for the incredible experience Jules and count me in for your next creation!!!”