When we feel safe to express, without fear of judgement, we relax. When our focus is on allowing sound to flow, rather than trying to make it perfect and beautiful, we open.

This is an eight week adventure where you will explore:

• Rhythm    • Tone.   • Harmony.   • Listening

• A cappella singing.   • Mindfulness practices

• Mantra   • Improvisation     • Call and response

All levels of singers welcome.  We sing as one voice. 

We will be journeying together starting 25th March 2021 for 8 consecutive weeks. We will gather each Thursday from 6.30pm – 8.30pm at St. Johns Anglican Church.  14 Park Avenue, Burleigh Heads.

Welcome Michelle

If you’re here, my guess is you love to sing or have a desire to sing more often and with more ease. Perhaps you sing quietly to yourself when no one’s around or at the top of your lungs when you’re driving. Maybe you’re a budding songwriter or a professional musician and you want to project your voice and boost your confidence?

Wherever you are on your voice journey, this is a path for you to explore more of who you are.

What’s the journey all about?

If you’ve attended Tuesday morning’s song circle in the park, you’ll be familiar with the light-hearted, fun, spontaneous flow – a freeing experience to sing out and allow ourselves to be heard. It’s also a space for us to let loose and not care about ‘being perfect’. All voices, whether perfectly on pitch or not, sing as one.  

The 8 week voice journey holds a different focus. As much as fun and light-heartedness are at the helm, there is more structure to guide the journey. Although there will be space for spontaneity and free-flow, we will be working with our voice in more targeted way. Together, we will learn a body of songs that will be shared in a ceremony at the end of the 8 weeks.

How will this benefit me?

On this voice journey you are committing to;

•  Embodying your voice in new ways

•  Meeting the edge of your comfort zone

•  Exploration

•  Growth

•  Deep listening

•  Exploring light and dark

•  Showing up for yourself

•  Being a part of a creative collaboration

What is my commitment?

This is a journey that requires your full participation.  As a team, we are co-creating a body of work that calls upon our artistry and our own personal practice. We are each a part of the whole.

Individually, this is about expressing yourself, fanning the flame of your passion, celebrating all that you are and all you are becoming.


NOW AVAILABLE until 11th March 2021.

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