Of Irish origin, the tradition of storytelling is embedded deep within Julie Hayes’ core. Whether captured by her hypnotically, haunting melodies or inspired by her poetic twist on life’s mysteries, prepare to be swept up in an emotive, atmospheric haze.

Her musical roots of folk and rhythm stem from a culture as old and timely as the misty mountains. Having drawn inspiration for her vocal style from artists like Eva Cassidy and Florence Welch, spacious melodies allow you to truly hear the song’s intent. Fuelled by a passion to express authentically, her lyrical rawness and open heart is engaging and deeply moving.

In 2002 an innocent back-packing adventure to Australia became the stepping stone Julie longed for, where she could uncover a musical landscape with no limits. Now, her passion extends beyond music and entertainment, creating intimate spaces where community can gather and connect with their deeper feelings, and each other.

An advocate for freedom of expression and conscious communication, Julie offers voice and creativity sessions, a chance for others to delve into their own unique sound and rhythm. Underpinning her style of facilitation is the idea that “there is no good or bad, only thinking makes it so”. Rather than strive for perfection, the invitation is to explore with curiosity and openness…feeling the sound rather than evaluating it, relaxing rather than reaching. That way, we can accept where we are in the moment and express ourselves without fear of judgement.

Whether you feel called to attend a concert or voice workshop, you will be met with warmth and acceptance for however you show up.